Troy E. Foster

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A Denver-based software development leader working with a team of world-class engineers for a global enterprise software company.

I believe that leadership (and any task that involves people) should start with the people. I believe that happy developers are those who can go home everyday feeling good about what they accomplished that day. My approach to management starts with expectations and shared values. While they seem to always be evolving, the current values I bring to my team are as follows:

I also still write code most days - primarily focused on tasks that will help accelerate the team. My experience as a developer is wide in breadth. Recent languages and concepts include clojure, python, javascript (client and server-side), graph datastores, and a little bit of data science. Overall, I tend to focus on the delivery of value to the people who need it.

Check out my Resume. My github may also have some interesting stuff. (Though I'm not making any promises on that one.)